Picotine Hedgehog Breeding
Female Name: Picsie D.O.B: 13-01-2014 #IHR: SPK Picsie 22373 Picsie is very sweet!  As soon as she recognizes our scent she wakes up.  She is always in a good mood and extremely sociable!
Male Name: Picot D.O.B: 17-02-2014 #IHR: APH Picot IM 22515 Picot is very curious and likes to explore! It takes him a bit of time to wake up, but after a few minutes he gets very active!

Our Hedgehogs

Here is our lovely spiky pets!  For now, our breeding owns two hedgehogs,  one female and one male.  Both of them are registered at the International Hedgehog Association and at the Hedgehog Central.  We have selected them very meticulously regarding their temperement, vivacity and the quality of their pedigree.
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Female Name: Lily D.O.B: 23-05-2014 #IHR: HSP Lily SPB (In Hold) Lily is very active and always moving.
Female Name: Brindille D.O.B: 22-05-2014 #IHR: HSP Brindille SPB (In Hold) Brindille like to run in is wheel. During the day she is very calm.
Our hedgehogs